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Visual Arts


Thank you for visiting my online Visual Arts gallery. Below you can find examples of the wide variety of visual art that I create. You may find that some of the entries have links to larger display sizes so that you may more easily view the details.

Meditations Of Light fine art photography gallery

Our fine art photo gallery website at MeditationsOfLight.com features carefully curated collections of pictures that we offer for sale as deluxe large format prints.

This is a photograph of Mt Moran and Ox Bow Bend in Grand Teton National Park

Canyonlands Menagerie

I painted this picture to express my impression of the bright colors and varied activities that occur in the canyonlands region of the southwestern United States. The image was made with vectorized digital brushes, which means that it can be enlarged by a gigantic factor and still look crystal clear and razor sharp. I think it would be fun to someday see it printed on a billboard.

This is a painting depicting activities that occur in the canyonlands region of the southwestern USA.

Tile Pattern Designs

Patterns have interested artists, mathematicians and natural philosophers since prehistoric times. I enjoy making repeating patterns. Each design documents a process of discovering and solving geometric riddles. The challenge is to mate the elements at the edges of the tiles, and repeat the pattern across the display to present a balanced composition. It is fun and rewarding to juggle the various modes of thinking in an effort to blend aesthetic choices with geometric principals. This link will take you to a page where you may flip through a collection of seamless tiles that are presented as web page backgrounds.

This picture shows a repeating pattern that is part of collection of tile designs.

Harmonograph with Spirograph

Harmonographs and Spirographs are illustrations that have historically been made with the use of mechanical devices which allow practitioners to explore relationships between various factors. These devices draw lines in sequences that can be defined by mathematical equations. The possible outcomes seem endless yet sometimes there are patterns that can be recognized when the movement of a point along its line reveals a synchronicity with all the other factors. The results can seem rigidly symmetrical or dramatically asymmetrical, but can also appear as chaos. This illustrations is a collage inspired by the many graphs that I have made using mathematical modeling software that is designed to emulate the mechanical devices. I work with the software by trying all sorts of combinations of factors in the equations until I discover a line with an interesting appearance. I then combine and color the graphs and sometimes I am able to create an image that I enjoy.

This is an illustration of a Harmonograph.

Tallahassee Skate Park pixel art

This is a pixel art illustration that I designed for a web site about the City of Tallahassee's Mike Blankenship Skate Park.

This is a pixel art illustration of the Tallahasee Skate Park

Branches from a Southern Magnolia tree

This is a pair of illustrations of Southern Magnolia branches that I made by creating and rendering a 3d Model. The appearance of colorful details floating above a white background has been inspired by my nostaligia for the wonderful paintings and prints made by many naturalists who have preceeded me. I enjoy the challenge of working with modern hi tech tools while trying render images of nature.

This is an illustration of a branch from a Southern Magnolia tree.

This is an illustration of a branch from a Southern Magnolia tree.

Capelli D'angelo Chroma

An expressionistic abstract painting represents a search for, or a discovery of, a balance between phases of abandon and restraint. I enjoy the feelings I experience when I practice the process.

This is an abstract expressionist painting featuring colorful angel hair effects.

The Sun King surfs a longboard

This is a painting I made just for fun. I grew up surfing waves along the east coast of Florida and love the bright light and tropical colors you experience on a nice sunny day.

This is a painting of a surfing Sun King character.

A Do It Yourself Tube Microphone Power Supply

Here are two photos of a linear power supply which I designed and constructed for use with custom antique styled microphones that I build. Photographs of a piece of electronic equipment may seem misplaced in a gallery of visual art, but I present this item as an example of good old fashioned "industrial" design. I take a lot of care when I lay out and position all of the components so that the device not only works well but also appears as a piece of thoughtfully designed sculpture.

This is a photo of a DIY power supply for a microphone.

This is a photo of a DIY power supply for a microphone.

The Munson Hills Trail

This is an illustrated map that I created for a website about the Munson Hills Mountain Bike Trail near Tallahassee Florida.

This is a map of the Munson Hills Mountain Bike Trail.

Magic Numbers

This is an example of an illustration that I created by combining geometric shapes as an exercise in composition and design.

This is an illustration comprised of geometric shapes.

Flowing in the Wind

Here is a painted collage that I created as submission for a Music CD cover. I had a lot of fun building up the layers and textures while working with a full spectrum of color.

The is a painting of black brids flying on a windy day.