Alesis Trigger I/O kit mapping for SONAR


  The Alesis Trigger I/O is a drum brain that communicates directly with a Drum Sampler or other type of sound module. The deivice is well suited for use with many of the high resolution sample libraries availble for use with a DAW like Cakewalk's SONAR.
  The Trigger I/O has 20 kit definitions that can be custom mapped so that a electronic drum kit can be played with many different brands of samplers or sample libraries.

  Alesis USB Pro electronic drum kit and Alesis Trigger I/O Input Trigger I/O kit 5 note assignments Jet City PD-2 by StudioCat in Native Industries Kontakt
Trigger I/O kit 6 note assignments Ocean Way Drums by Sonic Reality in Native Industries Kontakt
  Kick 36 48    
  Snare 38 50    
  Snare Rim/Alt/Edge 39 51    
  Hi Hat Open 46 58    
  Hi Hat Closed 44 or 42 56    
  Hi Hat Pedal 32 53    
  Crash 54 60    
  Ride 61 62    
  Ride Bell 63 63    
  Hi Tom 50 65    
  Hi Tom Rim/Alt/Edge 48 66    
  Med Tom 47 69    
  Med Tom Rim/Alt/Edge 45 68    
  Lo Tom 43 72    
  Lo Tom Rim/Alt/Edge 41 70